It’s not about being the first…

It’s all a myth. Being the first to do something does not give you the competitive edge to extract the greatest value from the “new thing”. In a real sense, what is “new” anyway? Often entrepreneurs, creators and inventors thrive on wanting to be the first, but life has proven that it’s the INNOVATORS and those that work to BE THE BEST in whatever area, who succeed the most.

Look at Apple Inc, probably one of the highest valued companies in the world today, value which was primarily built on smartphones and computers. Yet Apple wasn’t the first to create the smartphone or computer. What they did was choose to take an already existing invention, make it better (innovation) then worked at being the best in the smartphone and personal computer industries.

Being the best, gives you more customers and more income over time, where being the first is just enough to get you noticed. The hype of being the first is outstripped by the value of being the best.

What are you working on today that you could potentially be the best at not first in?


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